Kingdom of Eswatini

Air transport: The national airline company was established in 1978. The international airport is near by Manzini and flights are between South Africa, Durban, and Maputo (the capital of Mozambique). eSwatini and ROC have no agreement on direct flights, so all passengers have to transfer in South Africa.

Water transport: The national water-transferring company was established at 1978. All goods should use Durban because Swaziland does not have any harbor.

Land transport: The road and high way are well built in eSwatini and connect to the cities around the country and to South Africa. In 1978, the railway was connected to the railway of South Africa and goods can be delivered into eSwatini directly through Richards Bay and Durban. The railway can also reach Maputo.

The capital of eSwatini is Mbabane and itˇ¦s a nice place to visit. Then the important business town is Manzini that located in the center of the country. The main celebrations are Incwala (December ~ January) and Reed Dance (July ~ August).
Living information
Local products: The export of sugarcane is the main source of its foreign exchange earnings and its nicknamed ˇ§Golden in Greenˇ¨. The second one is wood pulp.
Costs of telephone: E 0.6 per local call. E 7.45 per minute to call back to Taiwan and E 8.51 per minute to phone to the USA.

Visa Information
Citizens of R.O.C. do not need a visa to go to eSwatini.

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